Carrion Crown

"Carrion Crown" is a campaign arc of the Pathfinder role-playing game. It consists of six adventure modules: "The Haunting of Harrowstone," "The Midnight Mauler," "The Watcher of the Dead," "The Whisper Woods," "The Pallid Plague," and "The Asylum Stone."

In the campaign, the players must investigate a series of strange and terrifying events in the region of Ustalav, where the spirits of the dead are said to walk the land. The players must journey to various locations, including the city of Ravengro, the Whisper Woods, and the asylum of Saint. Mary of the Rose, where they will encounter a variety of allies and enemies, including undead creatures, cultists, and other supernatural threats.

Throughout the campaign, the players will face challenges such as battles against powerful foes, puzzles to solve, and moral dilemmas to confront. They will also uncover ancient secrets and learn about the dark history of Ustalav as they work to stop a powerful undead being known as the Carrion King from unleashing a terrible curse upon the land. The campaign includes a variety of challenges and plot twists that will test the players' skills and resolve as they work to uncover the truth and save Ustalav from disaster.

Adventure Logs

Session 00 – Game Rules
Session 01 – Death of a friend
Session 02 – Harrowstone Prison
Session 03 – Deeper into Harrowstone
Session 04
Session 05
Session 06
Session 07
Session 08
Session 09
Session 10
Session 11
Session 12
Session 13 – The Death of LonelySword
Session 14
Session 15
Session 16
Session 17
Session 18 – Stairs of the Moon
Session 19 – Stairs of the Moon & Feldgrau
Session 20 – The attack on Feldgrau part 2
Session 21 – The End of Auren Vrood
Session 22 – Illmarsh and the Dark Riders
Session 23 – Town of Illmarsh
Session 24 – Ticks and a Marsh Giant
Session 25 – Bob the Chicken’s Special Mission
Session 26 – Below Undiomede House
Session 27 – The Skum Tunnels
Session 28 – Deeper into the Skum Tunnels
Session 29 – Dark Young of Shib-Niggurath
Session 30 – The Headless Horsemen and New Party Members
Session 31 – Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye
Session 32 – The Vampire Underground
Session 33 – The Vampires Attack
Session 34 – Breaking and Entering at the Nobleman’s Stitch
Session 35 – Capturing a Vampire Elder
Session 36 – Charmed Guards and Shit Rolls
Session 39 – Shadows of Gallowspire
Session 40 – Off towards Gallowspire
Session 41 – Deeper into Virlych Forest
Session 42 – Entering the Abbey at Renchurch
Session 43 – The Catacombs of Renchurch Abbey
Session 44 – Lucimar The Lich-Wolf
Session 45
Session 47
Session 48
Session 49 – Surviving Gallowspire
Session 50 – The Final Session
Session 46
Session 45 – The Urgathoan Fly

Player Characters

Kyras Wintrish
Honored Veteran
Race: Human
Level: 15
Class: Cleric
Dhamon Grim
Honored Veteran
Race: Human
Level: 15
Class: Paladin
Honored Veteran
Race: Half-Orc
Level: 15
Class: Magus
Darris Kyrn
Honored Veteran
Race: Human
Level: 15
Class: Alchemist
Honored Veteran
Race: Human
Level: 15
Class: Fighter
Race: Human
Level: 7
Class: Warpriest