Death of a friend

Carrion Crown Session 01 – Death of a friend

The party was invited to attend the funeral of their friend Professor Petros Lorrimor.  They meet the professor's daughter Kendra and 3 of the party acts as pallbearers.  The party breaks up a group of thugs who did not wish the professor's remains in The Restlands.  It was tense for a bit, but our party was victorous.  The professor was laid to rest.

Kendra invites them to the Lorrimor House for the reading of the will.  They are introduced to Councilman Heartmount who is officiating the reading of the will.  The will asks the party to deliver a set of “dangerous” books to friends of his at the University of Lepidstadt.  They are also asked to stay in town for 30 days to help Kendra get settled.  After this time and the delivery of the books they are to be paid one hundred platinum pieces.

One of the tomes not mentioned in the will was the Professor's journal which talked alot about the Whispering way.

The party learns that the Harrowstone Memorial had been vandalized with the letter V written in blood.

The party sets out to research the prison.  They learn the names of the 5 most dangerous criminals housed at the prison at the time of the fire.

Our brave adventurers manage to stop a stirge attack in the center of town.  The stirges seemed to be attracted by the music from the street musicians.