It’s Game Time. What you need to do

Playing in a GM Wintermute Campaign

Welcome to the campaign. As game time approaches you need to make sure that you have all the proper software installed, setup and ready to participate.  This tutorial will help you connect to GM Wintermute’s game campaign using Fantasy Grounds and TeamSpeak.

Here’s what you need to play in one of my games.

Fantasy Grounds

Head over to the Fantasy Grounds website and Download Fantasy Grounds Demo Version.  GM Wintermute has an ultimate license which mean that you can play free in any of his games by using the demo version.


GM Wintermute campaigns are voice-chat games that use TeamSpeak, hence you must have a microphone and headset to play.  You will need to Download TeamSpeak and install the latest TeamSpeak client.

Connecting to the Game

Once you have the required software install, connecting to the game is a two step process.

  1. Connect to GM Wintermute’s Fantasy Ground Server
  2. Connect to TeamSpeak and join GM Wintermute’s channel.

That’s it.  Happy Gaming.