Player Characters

There’s something about a group of strangers that will band together to complete a quest, save a town, or just go kill the bad guy.  They are seeking honor, fame & glory, revenge, or gold (mostly gold) and are even willing to sacrifice their lives when necessary.  Here’s the characters that have played in my games.



Yaka is a cursed golden skull that has bonded with Orin, and as a result never leaves his side. Yaka is constantly talking and causes Orin to have disadvantage on all skill rolls.

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Honored Veteran


Thwack! A kick to the head sent the world spinning left a dozen times, then back right a couple times, before the retching began. Orin the halfling spasmed in the muddy alley as the two thugs took turns kicking him. Orin had conned or outright stole whenever he could except from regular folk. The regular

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