The Graveyard


The adventuring lifestyle is hard on player characters.  As fate would have it, not all characters live to retirement.  Sometimes the circumstances are too great for the character to handle and they are defeated.

This graveyard is dedicated to those brave and sometimes foolhardy player characters that we have lost during our campaigns.


Yaka is a cursed golden skull that has bonded with Orin, and as a result never leaves his side. Yaka is constantly talking and causes Orin to have disadvantage on all skill rolls.

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Today, we are sad to report the death of Valtrox, Barovia’s best dressed goblin. Valtrox was dispatched to the realm of death, by none other, than Count Strahd Von Zarovich.

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Diego Dela Vega

The half-elf laid on his back, the coastal rain landing heavy on his weakening body and despite the warm weather, the cold claws of Kelemvor’s hold is strengthening. The half-elf coughs and blood thickly pools in the back of his throat, some spitting out through his teeth to dribble out the corners of his mouth,

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