Town of Illmarsh

Carrion Crown Session 23 – Town of Illmarsh

After meeting with Mayor Greedle, the group obtains lodging at the Bountiful Catch Inn.  While conversing with the inn keeper, they learn about a strange local tradition called the “Fostering” where they marry the female children off to the neighbors down the bay.  Our party, minus Selene, goes off to see what they can learn about the Recondite Order of the Indomitable Sea church.

Upon entering the temple, they are confronted by priests/guards and they are turned away without see Father Voltiaro.  The group decides to return to the Inn for the night.  Darris' and Dhamon's room overlooks the town square and has a good view of the church.  Darris sees that 4 of the guards they encountered earlier have left the building.  He decides to turn invisible and sneak into the church.  While exploring the church, Darris sees signs of a struggle in the Vicar's quarters and the remains of broken healing potions.  After narrowing escaping from the church, Darris relays the information he discovered to the rest of the group.

The following morning, they set off back to the church to try and meet with Father Voltiaro.  The reception this time is somewhat nicer and they are able to meet Caleb Voltiaro, son of Father Voltiaro and one of the three vicars of the church.  He informs them that the Father is is not here, and politely suggests to them that they leave. Dhamon detects the presence of evil coming from the Caleb while they are leaving.

Dhamon and Darris leave the church and decide to explore the town.  When nearing the lake they hear a townswoman screaming.  Looking at the docks, they see a giant octopus attacking the woman.  They rush to save her.

After defeating the octopus, our two heros return to the Inn and meet with the party.  The group decides to wait till nightfall and storm the church to see what they can discover.  They initally try to get everyone to throw down their weapons and surrender, but that doesn't turn out well for the group.  After an intense battle, they are able to explore the hidden doors that Darris fround from his invisible search.

What they discover in these rooms is unlike anything they have seen before.