Ticks and a Marsh Giant

Carrion Crown Session 24 – Ticks and a Marsh Giant

After the grisly discovery in the temple of the Recondite Order of the Indomitable Sea, and talking with the Tulby's about the fostering, the group debates on what to two next.  They know that the Vicar took the Tulby's daughter to the Undiomede House.  His plan is to try and contact the neighbors, offer a fostering, and hopefully return prosperity to the area.  The group decides not to inform Mayor Greedle at this time.  They plan to inform the mayor when they have appended the Vicar for the crimes at the temple.

They scout the abandoned house and discovered that there are footprints leading into the house.    The group gains entry to the house through a section of crumbling wall and enter into the living room.   While searching the couch, Darris disturbs a swarm of ticks, and the party must deal with the swarm.  Unfortunately, the noisy manner of dealing with the swarm attracts the attention of the marsh giant in the other room.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this was a short game session.