Bob the Chicken’s Special Mission

Carrion Crown Session 25 – Bob the Chicken’s Special Mission

The party continues to explore the house and discover that the stone columns in grand staircase are actually an ancient stone menhir.  The notice slug-slime near the base of one of the columns.  Lydia detects a hidden phase door concealed within the column.  When approaching the staging area for the kitchen, they hear the sounds of a baby crying.  Bursting into the room they find Vizer Prosker, a cultist, and the baby.  They kill the cultist and knock out the Vizer.  In order to safeguard the baby, the group comes up with an ingenious plan.  Secure the baby to Bob the chicken and send Bob back to town with a note.  Lydia issues orders to Bob, and Bob takes off like a chicken running away from Col. Sanders himself.  (KFC joke for you Canadians).

Next the party heads upstairs and discovers Father Volitaro in the study.  After defeating the Father, they discover that Volitaro possesses a horrible secret.  One that was probably unknown to even him.  They press on to clear the house and meet their very first Shantak.  A bloody battle commences and the party emerges victorious.