Illmarsh and the Dark Riders

Carrion Crown Session 22 – Illmarsh and the Dark Riders

Following the dark riders, Lydia, Darris, and the newcomer Selene give pursuit. They tracked the riders to the town of Thrushmoor. After asking a townsfolk where the nearest stable would be located, they set forth to the stable. They find out that the stable master has his own agenda. An agenda that includes friends and a surprise in the stable.

After interrogating the stable master, the group learns that one of the riders set out to Illmarsh. Darris insists that they turn the killer over to the authorities. Selene reluctantly agrees.

In Illmarsh, they learn that asking questions is a great way to meet the sheriff and the mayor of the town. Mayor Early Greedle meets with the adventurers in the town hall. He tells our group that somethings wrong in the town and asks them for help.