Entering the Abbey at Renchurch

Carrion Crown Session 42 – Entering the Abbey at Renchurch

After discovering the corpses in the wagon, the group decides that it's time to enter Renchurch Abbey.  Svoac the Gate Tender had other ideas and tried to keep them from entering the Abbey.  After convincing Svoac, with swords and bombs, to let them into the abbey they find ruin and decay as they enter the cathedral.  They expected to fight Whispering Way cultist, but did not expect so many undead and Corpulent Ghouls.  They especially did not expect for Dhamon Grim to be affected and start eating dead ghoul flesh.

After restoring Dhamon to sanity, they proceed to clear the upper level of the Abbey.  They manage to interrupt a transformation ceremony where a group of cultist are transforming a paying customer into some form of undead creature.  They manage to shatter the focusing crystal that is harnessing and directing the evil energy.  The cultist are not happy about it and attack the party.  Our group defeats all but one cultist who they interrogate.