Lucimar The Lich-Wolf

Carrion Crown Session 44 – Lucimar The Lich-Wolf

After defeating the lich and two golems, the party chases the fleeing novices into The Honeycomb. As the enter the door, they see a funeral urn flying across the room smashing into another urn. The breaking urns release 2 Mihstus into the room for them to deal with. While fighting the Mihstus, the learn there is Omox Demon in the room with them.

Once the demon and Mihstus are dealt with, they enter the door to the south where they confront a large group of cult novices. Just when they think the combat is over, the party is attacked by chain lightening by a hidden opponent. Almost out of spells and needing a long rest, they are forced to fight this hidden foe. After several rounds they discover the hidden attacker is Lucimar the Lich-Wolf.