Goblin ambush in the jungle

TOA Session 2 – Goblin ambush in the jungle

As the party sets off downriver on day 4, the sky bring the threat of rain. After paddling all morning, the skys deliver on their promise. It starts to rain and the party looks for a place to shelter the storm. While searching for a “safe” location, goblin archers attack from the shortline. Those of the party with ranged weapons respond to the ambush, while others paddle hard to get downstream from the archers. 30 minutes of hard padding in the ever increasing rain, our group decides to camp on the goblin side of the river.

After securing the boats, the party sets watch and takes shelter to wait out the rain. During the torrential downpours, the group is attacked by a large contendgent of goblins. The party suffers some damage but emerges victorous. The rain continues until early evening.

The group members decide to make up for lost time and heads downriver in the moonlight. After 16 hours of downstream travel the party rests for the night. In the middle of the night, one of the party members finds a snake inside of his tent. While dealing with the snake, they attract a pair of zombies.

What will day 6 bring?