Port Nyanzaru

TOA Session 1 – Port Nyanzaru

GM Wintermute presents the Tomb of Annihilation. The party for this campaign features Melech the warlock, Marcus Greywarden the paladin, Runic Runehammer the dwarven wizard, and Gudrun Hightower a cleric of Pelor.

In this session the party learns what the Harpers believe is responsible for the Death Curse. They get hired to locate and stop the object, preferably before their benefactor dies from the curse.

The characters begin the adventure in Port Nyanzaru in the land of Chult. While preparing for the adventure the group meets one of the seven merchant princes of Nyanzaru. The group hires a guide and purchases provisions for the journey. While packing the canoe, a cleric from the Order of the Gauntlet approaches them about getting safe passage to Camp Vengeance. The party then sets off down the river toward Camp Vengeance. On the evening of the third day, they encounter the first set of undead in the jungles of Chult.