Camp Righteous

TOA Session 3 – Camp Righteous

temple crocidile man 1Our group awakens on the morning of day 6 in the jungle of Chult and sets off towards Camp Righteous.  After two days of travel, the ruined remains of Camp Righteous come into view.  Aside from the wreckage of the camp, the shrine of Man and Crocodile commands the most attention – 80-foot-tall stone statue carved to look like a man with a crocodile on his back.80-foot-tall stone statue carved to look like a man with a crocodile on his back.  A reminder to man to never be friends with the crocodile.

The group decides to check out and enter the statue.  In true Indiana Jones style, they learn that the temple is booby-trapped.  Bravery is important to a paladin, but so is luck as Marcus Greywarden found out when a trap didn't spring.  After bypassing several traps and figuring out how to make it across the puzzle floor, the party enters the heart of the statue.  The treasure contains a single item atop a 30 foot central pillar.  The object is indeed one of the strangest in the Dungeons & Dragons world.

When trying to leave with the treasure, our group finds that a group of goblins has blocked the tunnel to the shrine.  Their demands are simple, surrender and turn over the treasure.  Embolden by their earlier battle with goblins and zombies, our party decides to attack and not give up anything.

Our adventurers shelter inside the shrine for the night to rest and heal from the day's battle.  The next morning they pack the boats and head towards Camp Vengeance, the Order of the Gauntlet's new output.  Hew tells them it's roughly two days journey, and they set out.

After a long day of paddling, the group camps for the night.  Hew leaves to catch some dinner, and returns with several rabbit looking creatures that are promptly pounded, mashed and served by Runic Runehammer.  After dinner, the party is attacked by a trio of stirges.

During the evening hours of day 9, the group sails into Camp Vengeance.   Escorting the camps replacement cleric is a great way to get guards to open the front gate.  They are met at the front gate by the command, Niles Breakbone, a hunter, and a ouple of acolytes.  Introductions are exchanged, and the commander invites them all into his command tent for a talk.  After the pleasantries are exchanged, the commander tells the group that he wants to them and their boats to take some dying soldiers back to Port  Nyanzaru.  Needless to say, the group is not happy about being told what to do, and especially do not like the idea of backtracking to the Port.