First encounter with dinosaurs

TOA Session 4 – First encounter with dinosaurs

Stegosaurus 0684 wikipedia 1Day 10 begins with the group leaving Camp Vengeance.  The group heads downstream in the canoes looking for a decent spot to hide the canoes while they search for Vorn – the shield guardian.  After hiding the canoes, the group sets off on foot north west into the deep jungle.  Sometime after noon, the group encounters a stegosaurus peacefully coming in their direction.  After some discussion with Melech, who wanted to capture and train the adult dinosaur, the group decides to hide and let it pass without incident, hopefully.  However this is Chult, and unexpected stuff happens on a daily basis.  As the group hides, two velociraptors run out of the jungle and attack the stegosaurus.  The group finds it odd that two small creatures would attack one of such size.  Seconds after that thought had passed thru the group, here comes the rest of the pack.  The adventurers have their hands full  when a pissed off 6800 pound (3100kg) dinosaur turns it' attention on them.

The group decides to setup camp and process the unexpected bounty of dinosaur meat.  The next morning (Day 11), they continue on the quest for Vorn and press on with their packs full.  After another hard day's journey, they encounter a statue in a small clearing and realize that they have stumbled into a shrine of some sorts.   After exploring the statue, they press south for a couple of miles and setup camp.

During the night they encounter a stranger and his even stranger travelling companion.  After conversing with him, they realize that they have found the objective of one of their quests.  Solving the quest creates some mysteries of it's own.