Oh Crap! They Brought Dinosaurs!!!

TOA Session 5 – Oh Crap! They Brought Dinosaurs!!!

Allosaurus Juvenile Reconstruction 1

The party sets off from their camp near the shield guardian headed for Orolunga.  While on the trail, the group gets suspicious that they are being followed, and they couldn't locate anyone.  Artus Cimber and Dragonbait stayed behind and set traps for the followers.  Hew talks about how Artus and Dragonbait seem to be trustworthy individuals.  He also comments that “It's important to trust those you work with”.  The party travels the remainder of the day and pushes on a bit into the evening hours.  As they come into a clearing, they spot a large statue of a skull on a pedestal.  They investigate and determine that it is safe enough to setup camp on.  The platform provides them with a semi-elevated view of the surroundings.  Watches are set and the group turns in for the night.

gudrun hightower 2

Gudrun Hightower, the party's cleric,  draws first watch and his shift passes uneventfully.  Theron Brightwhisper's watch wasn't as uneventful.  He is alert to terrified screams coming from north of the statue.  Theron wakes the group up while the screaming grows louder and six terrified running screaming goblins emerge from the bushes.  They are running toward the camp and look like they are fleeing creatures pursing them.  Our brave group promptly learns that the goblins are being chased by two Allosauruses.

Gudrum  learns really quick that an allosaurus is a dangerous creature.  Gudrum survived, but will be extra cautious around dinosaurs in the future.

While dealing with the two allosauruses and the six terrified goblins, the rest of the goblin raiding party appears and launches an attack.  The party manages to eventually neutralize the attacks and adjourns for the night.  Days 13, 14, and 15 are spent trudging thru the dense jungle.

Finally on day 16, they see the ancient ziggurat in the ruined city of Orolunga.  They realize that this ziggurat is magically protected and that visiting the guardian naga wont be as easy as they hoped.

orlunga ziggurat 1
The Ziggurat at Orolunga