That’s a lot of goblins

The Sunless Citadel Session 5 – That’s a lot of goblins

After defeating the giant rats and finding Karakas' body, the part takes a long rest before continuing.  The head back to the northwest side of the citadel where they had previously discovered the goblin horde.  The group bypasses the living quarters and discovers the Goblin Chief.

Naturally, the chieftain is not pleased at the intrusion and orders the goblins to attack.  During the battle one goblin flees into the goblin's living quarters with Nidalak chasing him down.  The groups' fear was justified, Nidalak discovers that the quarters are indeed FULL of goblins.

The brave heroes defeat the chief and use his body to force the other goblins to surrender.  They convince the goblins to leave the citadel or face dire consequences.   The goblins agree and start vacating the citadel.   Our party searches the quarters and chief's room.  They find Talgen's armor and one of the goblins is wearing his signet ring.

The party descends down the hole to the Grove level of the citadel and find two robed skeletons tending to a couple of young twig blights.  A fight breaks out and they are forced to chase one of the skeletons thru the underground passages.  The skeleton leads them into a fire snake trap.