Finding Belak The Outcast’s Laboratory

The Sunless Citadel Session 6 – Finding Belak The Outcast’s Laboratory

The party continues to search the lower level of the citadel.  After searching several rooms, they find Belak's Laboratory.  One of the rooms contains a medical experiment with a  giant rat that has plant-like tumors growing from it.  While clearing the lab they end up in a large goblin battle.  During the battle, Dhamon puts the giant rat of of it's misery.

Nabin has been chiding Erky to the point that Erky feels he has to prove himself.  As a result Erky is taking point on the exploration.  Exploring further, they meet a hobgoblin and his pet rats.

Emerging victorious from that battle, the encounter Belak's gardener as well as several goblins and a firesnake.