Back into Goblin Territory

The Sunless Citadel Session 4 – Back into Goblin Territory

After recovering from getting their asses kicked, the party moves forward with the primary quest of finding the children.  Exploring the goblin side of the citadel, they find an ancient fountain that is pouring a liquid into it's basin.  Being every careful, Dhamon decides to cast a firebolt on the fountain.  It turns out that this was not a good idea considering the liquid was actually a potion of fire breath.

The party rescues Erky Timbers, a gnomish prisoner of the goblins.  Erky offers to join the party in exchange for his freedom.  The party accepts Erky's offer and they continue.

After searching several more rooms, they find another fountain.  Tempest manages to spring a poison gas trap which everyone was able to avoid.  After recovering from the gas, the group finds themselves in a battle with giant rats.  After defeating the rats, they discover the body of Karakas along with a golden ring with his name on it.