Tomb of a Failed Dragonpriest

The Sunless Citadel Session 3 – Tomb of a Failed Dragonpriest

After retrieving and returning the dragon to the Queen Yusdrayl, our brave heroes explore the rest of the kobold side of the citadel.  They discover an area that the kobolds have not explored since they currently have no way of defeating an arcane lock.  Realizing that they keyhole in the door matches the one in the Queen's throne, they make arrangements to rent the key for the day.

Once in possession of the key, the group moves in to explore the unknown area.  Proceeding through the door, they find themselves in a chamber that contains four orbs, one of which is glowing.  Shannon O'Shea moves in close to invesitigate.  He touches the orb which causes it to activate.  Instantly everyone except Shannon is affected by a magic spell and they feel the urge to dash out of the citadel.  After resolving the effect of the curse, the party continues deeper into the tomb.

They encounter a spiked pit, and find the Dragonpriest's tomb.  Upon opening it, they discover that the priest is actually a troll.

GM NOTE:  The video is screwed up half way thru, no sound and video.

This encounter was almost a TPK, with Nabin being the only upright character.  Nabin ran towards the kobolds alerting them he was being followed by a troll.  Together, the take the troll down.