Meepo and the lost dragon

The Sunless Citadel Session 2 – Meepo and the lost dragon

After defeating the water heater, the group pushes forward into the Sunless Citadel where they find a very unusual site.  A crying and depressed kobold by the name of Meepo.  Meepo is the keeper of the clan's dragon.  Sadly for Meepo, goblins stole the dragon.  Meepo tells the group that the clan's queen Yusdrayl will be able to tell them about the lost adventurers.

Queen Yusdrayl makes our party a deal,  get the dragon back from the goblins and she will tell them what she knows.  Meepo will accompany the party and together they head into the goblin  controlled area of the citadel.  After defeating a few goblin sentries, the group find the dragon.

Meepo got over-excited at seeing the dragon, he rushes in.  The dragon expresses his excitement at seeing Meepo by biting the poor kobold in half.  The group ends up knocking the wrymling unconscious.  After tying up the dragon, they return it to Queen Yusdrayl.