Deeper into the Parchlands

Strange Aeons Session 42 – Deeper into the Parchlands

After dealing with the Gnolls who torched the supplies, our heros make their way deeper into the Parchlands in search of the forbidden city.  As they venture forward, the Roc sends out warnings that they are not alone.  The party cautiously enters the mountain pass and are attacked by two Ash Giants and a giant scorpion.

After defeating the Ash Giants, they press on.  After several hours, they are approached by a trio of Ash Giants seeking parlay.  They inform the group that Mother Moon would like to speak with them, and they set off to the giant's camp.

Mother Moon informs the party that she has indeed been to the ancient city, however she will not tell them anything until they prove their worth and strength to the clan.  Proving their worth just happens to involve a monstrously large scorpion that the party defeats in less than 1 round of combat.  They have earned the respect of the Ash Giant Clan.

GM Note, the sound quit on the second half of this video.