The Cradle of Heaven

Strange Aeons Session 43 – The Cradle of Heaven

The party leaves the Ash Giant camp and heads towards the forbidden city of Neruzavin.  After 14 days in the parchlands, the party reaches it goal and sees the city for the first time.  The strange twisted architecture of the city is unlike anything that the group has seen before.  Ruk ends up picking up on a scent and the party enters the city searching for Count Lowls.

The brave adventurers make their way to a dark basalt tower 400 feet tall with severe angles and conclave sides, yet the building appears to bulge outwards.  Approaching the tower, they meet a pair of Exscinders who are searching for the Necronomicon.  After parlaying with the archons, and agreeing to notify them when the group has found the Necronomicon, the party enters the tower.