Into the Parchlands

Stange Aeons Session 41 – Into the Parchlands

After reaching a peaceful solution, Biting Lash remains true to her word and outfits the party with supplies necessary for the trip to the forbidden city.  She also provides the group with three Gnoll guides that were hired from outside her organization.  After purchasing additional supplies, the group heads out into the parchlands.

On the second day, they see the first signs of any life in this forsaken desert.  They come upon a set of twin obelisks.  The larger one, after being deciphered by Eric Kell, was being used a record of dates that girtablilu patrols passed by this point.  Impaled upon the smaller obelisks was a dead girtablilu with a crude inscription in common that read “Weak”.  Progressing further into the dessert, the Roc pointed signs that they were being followed.   The party was unable to locate any creatures following them.

When camping on the third night, the gnolls set fire to the party's supplies and set free the horse.  Poppy and Eidolion were forced to defend the camp.  For some reason Sith “Rampage” Dinar and Eric Kell were not awakened to the chaos.

Our two valiant warriors were able to kill two of the gnolls and almost certainly fatally wounded the third.  They let the third one run out into the parchlands where he would most likely die.