Into the mists of Barvoia

Curse of Strahd Session 1 – Into the mists of Barvoia

Greetings, and welcome to Barvoia, The Master has been expecting you.

Our weary travelers are on their way to Waterdeep for some much needed rest, relaxation, and retirement.  The group is made up of Mathis (Monk), Ulrich (Cleric), Thaddeus (Barbarian), Gulliver (Bard), and Theron (Druid).

It's getting dark as our travelers see a tavern on the road that they don't recall ever seeing before.  Being tired and hungry, they enter the Feral Dog seeking refreshments.  They are interrupted by a mysterious stranger who hands them a letter with an unknown wax seal.  He tells them that he was sent on a mission to find a special group of adventurers.  While the party is distracted, the stranger heads for the door and leaves, closing the tavern door behind him.

The party opens the letter, and discover that it was written by Kolyan Indirovich, the burgomaster of Barovia.  The love of his life, Ireena has been affected by a deadly evil.  The Burgomaster is desperate and is seeking the group's help.

The group leaves the tavern and step outside into a heavy fog.  While discussing this strange fog, the tavern disappears from sight leaving no trace that it ever existed at all.

Traveling down the road looking for an inn to stay the night, they find themselves at the base of an enormous gate.  As they approach, the gate swings open.  They cautiously enter, and the gates close behind them.  They continue a bit further down the road when suddenly they hear a noise from the forest.  Investigating further, they discover and meet Valtrox (Alchemist).  Valtrox is this rather strange, if not completely insane goblin that seems to be lost in the mists.  They decide to let Valtrox join the party but they will keep a close eye on them.

Once the introductions are out of the way the party eventually discovers the village of Barovia.  Upon entering the town, they find a town that is quiet, and completely boarded up.  While making their way into town, they find two children standing in the middle of the street.  Rose identifies herself and her brother, Thorn.  She proceeds to tell the party that their parents are not at home and there is a monster in the basement.

The group decides to help, convinces the children to stay on the porch, and they enter the Death House.  They examine the house and work their way up to the third floor.  After defeating a threat, Gulliver has an unfortunate encounter with a broom.  First the broom sweeps at his feet and then bashes him on the head, knocking Gulliver down for the count.

And for your viewing pleasure, here is Bard Vs Broom.