Character Backstory Guidelines

Curse of Strahd Session 0.1 – Character Backstory Guidelines

Your family name is well known throughout the realms.  Almost everyone in Faerun knows the story of how your family helped save the realms.  Some have become bedtime stories for many children. with the tales of heroism and sacrifice.  Your family is well respected, possibly revered in some circles.

As a result of your family's notoriety, your family has money.  You have never wanted for anything, and you've always had the best schooling, training, and tutors that money could buy.  You've lived your life in compete safety surrounded by servants, and the occasional bodyguard.  You started weapons training at a very young age. You feel comfortable wielding your weapon of choice, but you've only ever used it in training. You always thought that weapons training was unnecessary as your family doesn't have any enemies, blood feuds, or anything like that since you've been alive.

It would be an understatement to say that your parents have sheltered you.  Your early bedtime stories were of a lovable purple dancing dinosaur.  Naturally, as you grew older, so did the stories.  Stories of exploration, adventurers braving harsh weather, raging seas, and the like.  None of these stories ever mentioned monsters, or anything even remotely evil.  Evil is a completely unknown concept to you.  You don't even know how your family became famous.  All you were ever told was that they did something “special”, and that was the end of it.  The most dangerous thing known to you is bad weather.  Although one time you overhead a servant say “he was murdered”.  Being unfamiliar with the word, you asked your mother what it meant.  Your mother looked at you and sighed.  She said simply “It's something adults do in private.  You will learn when  your older.”  Your mother never mentioned it again, and you never asked.  You knew at the time that your mother was lying to you it's something that has stuck with you.

Your parents provided a very happy childhood, and up until recently, you have had a great relationship with them.  You have reached the age where you want to do your own thing.  You have doubts that the path your family laid out for you is the path you wish to take.  Your at the age where your parents expect you to step up to your duties and, more importantly, the life they have laid out for you.  It's starting to take a toll on you.  Your at the point, you would rebel but you don't even know what the word rebellion means.  You've become distant and moody, and your family has noticed.

Then one day, your strolling thru town, and you notice something thru the window of the local scroll supply store.  A group of young people playing some sort of dice game around a table.  Everyone is laughing and having fun.  You are intrigued so you go inside to investigate.  The group welcomes you to the table and says they are playing a fantasy roleplaying game called “Humans and Households”.  You get instantly hooked and spend the rest of the day playing the game.  While playing the game, you realize that you recognize several of the players from social engagements.  Those you haven't met, you know the family names.  Everyone playing the game is just like you.  During the next year, you spend any free time you can at the store playing the game, and you form strong bonds with the other players.  Everyone is facing the same issues and doubts about the family path as you are.  Your family starts to notice that your attitude has changed from “distant and moody” to “distant and never at home”.

The family eventually decides to do some investigating and finds out that your playing this “game”.  After locating the scroll supply store, your parents use their influence to find out who the other kid's families are.  At that point, the parents meet, and your “Humans and Households” game comes to an end.  All the parents are concerned that this “game” is causing you to deviate from the golden path laid out for you.  They will find a way to get you back on track.

After several meetings with the other parents, your inform you that they have found a solution.  Waterdeep has a program to help groom future leaders, and your parents have signed you up.  That's right, your joining the Waterdeep Junior Chamber of Commerce as Goodwill Trade Ambassadors.  As an official representative of the WJCOC, you will have multiple responsibilities like arranging meetings, and all kinds of boring administrative tasks that the adults don't want to do.  There are a couple of bright spots in this crappy deal.  All the parents thought that it would be a great idea and all your game friends will be there to share the misery.  Your parents quickly mentioned the other bright point and you noticed it.  They said you might even get to go on several multiple day trips promoting the Waterdeep Junior Chamber of Commerce.  You've never really traveled much in your life, so this prospect excites you.

The next six months of your life were pretty much what you expected.  It sucks.  Really sucks.  You've performed hundreds of mundane administrative tasks.  You hate it.  There are several  things that help your survive the day. Your friends are just as miserable as you are.  Your superiors don't shelter you as much as your parents.  Most of your dealings with your bosses is all JCoC related. They are very business driven, but you are starting to realize the world isn't what you were taught..    The biggest thing, one you enjoyed, happened one day out of the blue.  Your superiors informed you that they were sending you to discuss the plans for  a Junior Chamber of Commerce in Port Llast.  You have enough experience to handle the initial meet and greets in Port Llast and to explain the basic workings of JCoC(s).  You endure several days of boring and completely mindless meetings with nobles.  You did your job well and the meetings were a success.

After the success of your trip, the bosses have sent you many other trips.  They are all basically the same – several days of boring meetings, a big meal with important people and then back home.  Having to endure the meetings is rough, but you still enjoy these trips because you are learning more your world thru your own eyes.  Yes indeed, the world isn't what your thought.