Deeper into Death House

Curse of Strahd Session 2 – Deeper into Death House

After reviving Gulliver from his broom encounter, Mathias joins him in checking out the maids quarter.  Mathias opens up the door to the nursery and searches it.  Our brave monk sees a baby-sized bundle laying in the crib and walks over to check it out.

Meanwhile, Gulliver becomes acutely aware of a specter raising up and heading to the nursery.  After several attempts, the specter finally drops Mathias to the ground.  The rest of the group moves into to deal with the ghost.

While investigating the master bedroom, Valtrox discovers the tiger skin rug and claims it as his cloak.  Next the take the secret passageway up to the attic.

Mathias and Ulrich discover a skeleton in a storage room.  Meanwhile Valtrox use a goblin door knocker to explode the door to what later turns out to be the children's room.  They see the skeletons of Rose and Thorn on the floor, and meet their ghosts.  Rose explains what she knows.  Theren gets possessed by the spirit of Thorn, and becomes afraid of almost everything.

After Rose tells them the secret to finding the basement, the party descends into the basement.  They find themselves in the family crypt.  Valtrox hilariously tries to open one of the children's tombs only to find it empty.  The group decides to check the mothers tomb and have to deal with an unexpected swarm of centipedes.

While exploring the lower chambers, Mathias manages to disturb a Grick.  The grick really frightened Theren and he runs off to find a place to hide.  After coaxing Theren out from under a bed, they search the living quarters area and then proceed further into the basement.

It's at this point, Valtrox encounters some ghouls and a battle breaks out.  Ulrich manages to turn two of them and they proceed to flee.  Valtrox goes down, Gulliver heals Valtox.  Mathias charges down to flank the turned ghouls.  He stops short when he sees a hidden ghoul.  Mathias goes down for the count.

After the ghoul threat has been eliminated, Gulliver goes to inspect the crystal orb and statue in the cathedral.  He touches the orb and finds himself surrounded by five shadows.  Mathias has been stabilized but is still unconscious.