Don’t Let the GM play your character

TOA Session 11 – Don’t Let the GM play your character

In this session, the character of Himo is played by the GM, unfortunately for the player.  🙂

Day 30 finds Himo and Melech continuing south towards Omu and they encounter two survivors of another expedition (Zay Queng – Monk and Morl Anvilbreaker – Cleric).  They decide to join forces to defeat the soulmonger.  Marching south, a troll pops out of the jungle and tries to eat them.  Zay Queng attacks first and scores a critical hit on his first roll of this campaign.  During the battle, the monk Zay Queng runs up to the troll, attacks with a spear, and then pops him in the face with an unarmed strike.  After the punch, Zay retreats a safe distance.  The troll manages to drop Mr Happy, and after a couple of rounds of being punched in the face, the troll chases down Zay.  The troll lands two hits on Zay and deals 25 points of damage.  It's at this point, Zay realizes that the jungle is indeed a dangerous place.  The party manages to defeat the troll, heal Mr Happy, and moves on.

girallon zombie 1
Girallon Zombie Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Later that day the trail takes them beside a small river that leads to a waterfall.  Ahead in the distance, they see a wooden rope bridge that crosses a small gorge.    As they continue down the trail they are attacked by three girallon zombies, four-armed ape-like creatures.  The party takes off running for the bridge.  Two of the zombie apes moved and blocked Himos path, forcing him to run south.  The third girallon follows Himo to the south and manages to get in front of him. Himo swings his quarterstaff as an attack of opportunity.  He hits for minimum damage.     As the rest of the party gets closer to the bridge, the other two apes continue to give chase.  Himo fires a scorching ray at the zombie and misses.  The ape takes an AOE  for 6 damage as Himo runs by.  The ape gives chase, and manages to bite and hit with one claw.  The party is running across the bridge and Himo finds himself without any allies on his side of the gorge.  As the other apes move in, Himo casts fireball on the two approaching from the west.  The fireball wasn't powerful enough to drop the apes, but it did  allow him to get to the bridge.  On the next round, Himo would be able to move into the darkness and find some protection.

Unfortunately, one of the apes moves up and  gets a critical hit on Himo dropping him to the ground.  Melech sends Mr Happy over with a healing potion to help Himo.  Zay runs back over the bridge to try and help.  The ape scares off Zay and kills Mr. Happy.  The following rounds Himo makes 2 death saves and fails 1.  On his final save, an automatic failure resulted in 2 death fails.   The rest of the party managed to defeat the remaining girallon zombies.