TOA Session 10 – OH SHIT! THAT HURT!

Day 27 is pretty uneventful, as the party moves across the marsh towards the Heart of Ubtao.

Day 28 is one of those days where the party says “Oh Shit! That Hurt!”  The group meets a zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex tack kicked the ass of the party.  No player characters died, but three NPCs were not so lucky.  Undril Silvertusk, River Mist, and Flask of Wine were not able to survive the encounter.  Due to the dangerous situation, the group was not able to confirm if the NPCs were mostly dead or really dead.   Himo, Melech and Mr Happy #4 retreated as quickly as they could.

After running for the rest of the day, the two survivors setup camp for the night.

During Day 29, Melech and Himo manage to make it to the Heart of Ubtao.  There, they meet Valindra, a scholarly wizard looking to “imprison” and study the soulmonger in a quarantined environment.  She asks for the groups help, and the group agrees.  Valindra must report this to her superiors.  She promptly uses a teleportation circle and leaves them to their tea.  Melech and Mr Happy search Valindra's lair in the heart.  Melech destroys the teleportation circle, and steals some scrolls.  Himo was able to talk Melech from setting the place on fire.

Day 30.  Melech and Himo find themselves on a cliff overlooking a massive herd of zombies.  (The Walking Dead Cliffhanger Ending)