Acererak’s Throne Room

Tomb of Annihiliation C2 Session 22 – Acererak’s Throne Room

Moonbeam!! Moonbeam!! Moonbeam!!


The party takes a long rest, and Orin's goat curse is in it's final stages. His hands and feet have become split-hoofs, and his horns are now full-size. Orin's tansformation into a human-goat hybrid is now complete.

The party decides to take the maintenance stairwell down to level 4, and immediately stumble into Acererak's Throne Room. Inside, are there blind artists that are painting tragic scenes of adventurers in the tomb. Especially disturbing to the party is that one of the artist is painting the events of the beholder encounter. Hate's Brids does not waste anytime in attacking the blind artists.

In order to save themselves, they call for help and a zombie-fied T-Rex burst up from a hidden chamber in the floor. After the group defeats the T-Rex, Hates Birds is checking out the Minotaur skull on Acererak's Throne. He reaches for it, and is filled with the ancient rage of the Minotaur champion and starts attacking the nearest party member. Diego takes a good hit and manages to escape Hates Birds. Orin becomes the next target of the lizardman's rage.

After defeating Hates Birds and the rage that consumed him, the party continues exploring this level of the dungeon. They find a large room with a sarcophagus and a maze on the wall. Diego touches the maze and get's suck into it. He immediately starts searching for a key in the maze. Outside of the maze, 10 hidden rooms containing bones suddenly open. The bones begin forming Minotaur skeletons. Moltak turns into a dinosaur and Orin casts darkness. The darkness was not enough to protect them, and the party starts taking damage.

Will the party survive this encounter? Will the return of Bjorn make a difference? We will find out next week.