Making Beholder Pancakes

Tomb of Annihiliation C2 Session 21 – Making Beholder Pancakes

I really didn't expect them to survive the beginning of this session, let alone
survive the ending. Moltak surprised me with the druid monkey-man stone-shape maneuver. Kudos!

GM Wintermute

Our motley crue begins this session on the losing end of a wraith fight. Thing has been dispatched, Hates Birds is bleeding out, and tensions are high. Orin used another charge of his charm of summoning (Will be banned in future games) and brought 8 wolves into the fight. I expected them to die, but I really didn't want a TPK so I let the wolves roll without any disadvantages for attacking an incorporeal being.

Orin next encounters Yaka, a cursed golden skull that will not shut up. Yaka's stat block gives him the Untouchable feat which means you can't hit or harm him. His constant blathering means Orin has to take disadvantage on all ability checks and skill rolls.

After further exploring the dungeon, Moltak decides that he would like to do some pit fighting with a clay golem. In true Moltak style, he wanted to do it as a dire wolf. By the time that it was over, everyone was in the pit except for Orin and Thing.

The final encounter of this session had several highlights. One of which was Bjorn, he fighter, stuck to a magnetic iron sphere that Moltak had just centered a sphere of fire on. After they identified the invisible assailant in the room as a Beholder, Moltak got serious. He preformed a druid monkeyman stoneshape casting maneuver that directly resulted in the killing of the Beholder. That'll be hard to top Moltak. Cant wait to see what you do next Saturday