Chamber of Horrors

Tomb of Annihilation Session 30 – Chamber of Horrors

After shattering the Mirror of Life Trapping, to save Kell'n, 9 inhabitants burst forth from the mirror that the party must contend with.  Fortunately, some of the mirror's residents battle one another, but in the end one of them is not whom they say they are.

Next they enter in to the Maze of Death.  The find a devil head on the wall with an open mouth full of darkness.  Being a man short this week, Kell'n sticks his head into the darkness to see what it's hiding.  As his head penetrates the darkness, it is instantly vaporized and his headless body hits the floor.  (Please see the Grung News Network press release for more details on Duskweaver's death).

Beldrak ends up seperated from the group and ends up in the Grand Staircase and triggers the Gargoyle statues.

Eventually the party makes it to Unkh's Tomb and ends up in a Minotaur Skeleton Battle.