The Beholder’s Vault

Tomb of Annihilation Session 29 – The Beholder’s Vault

The group takes a long rest in one of the few safe areas in the Tomb of the Nine Gods.  Feeling refreshed the group heads back out for more exploration.  Going back to the pit room that Zay briefly discovered, they find a pit with a Clay Golem and a treasure chest.

Azoth decides to face the danger head on and jumps into the pit, only to find out that the pit opening is covered by an invisible barrier of force.  The group must find another way down.  After solving the riddle of how to approach the golem, they enter the pit and defeat the golem.

Continuing down the hallway they come to a door and insert the crystal eyeballs into the door.  They have found the Beholder's vault.  Beldrak enters and learns some important lessions.  If the floor looks like glass it's slippery and metal items are magnetic.