Rescue My Children

The Sunless Citadel Session 1 – Rescue My Children

Our party, Dhamon Grim (Sorcerer), Nabin (Ranger), Nidalak (Fighter), Shannon O'Shea (Cleric),  and Tempest (Rogue) are drinking in a tavern in Balder's Gate.  A stranger approaches them with a plea for help from the town of Oakhurst.  Four adventurers have went to reveal the mysteries of an abandoned citadel.  They have not returned.

Handout 1 Hucrele letter 1
Kerowyn Hecrele's letter to the adventurers.

The mother,  Kerowyn Hecrele, of two members of the lost party is seeking brave heroes to locate her children.  She is offering a reward in gold to return them or their bodies.  There is even an opportunity to end up with the salvage rights to the citadel.

Looking to do a help a worried mother, and earn some cash, they accept the job.  Mrs. Hecrele's servant teleports them to Oakhurst.  The party seeks out Kerowyn Hecrele at her mercantile.  After interviewing Kerowyn to get further information, the party adjorns for the night at the local inn.

The next morning, they set off down to old road.  After traveling for the day, they set up camp.  During the night, they are attacked by strange plant like creatures.

The following day, our party reaches a great rift in the ground that swallowed the citadel so long ago.  While descending into the rift, they meet some of the local wildlife.  Giant rats attack them, however the party has little trouble defeating the rats.  They continue down to the ground level.

After scouting out the citadel, they decide to enter.  The party encounters a strange containers with pipes running to/from them.  Additional investigation by the party reveals the device to be a hot water heater.  The accidentally release an ice and steam mephit into the room that they are forced to defeat.