Strange Aeons Session 05

Strange Aeons Session 05

After getting the lantern from Brenton, the party decides to clear out the courtyard before heading to the attic whisper.

Inside the courtyard, the group discovers a shack containing a stairwell going down.  The stairwell is destroyed and the party is not able to descend more than 20 feet.  Future observation determines that the hole is at least 300 feet deep.  Not having a means to descend the whole, the party returns to the courtyard.  Several party members are alerted to the sound of wings above them along with low growls.

Landing before them is a Nightgaunt.  A faceless humanoid creature with no face.  The party manages to defeat the creature and heads north to deal with the attic whisper.

Eric Kell enters the room with the lantern held high.  The creature gets emotional and the boys spirit departs the strange body.  In the bones that remain, the party finds several wooden knight toys and takes them with them.

Our brave adventures venture back into the nurse's station to explore deeper into the asylum.  Opening the door reveals a large room that has been converted into living quarters for the apostles.  Four apostles start moving towards our group and a battle begins.  After the death of one apostle and the dropping of another, a doctor comes running out yelling for everyone to stop.  He looks at our party and starts walking toward them with open arms, and welcoming the new converts.  When he gets close to the party, he whispers to Poppy and Leo, “Nod and follow me if you want to live”.  The party takes a chance and follows the Doctor into a makeshift patient ward.

The party makes introductions and converses about events here at the asylum.  The Doctor believes that the key to solving this crisis is to stop the mist.  He suggests that they locate and interrogate on of Zandalus‘ most trusted acolytes who is on watch in the northwest tower.  The group decides to take Doctor Wren Elbourne to the chapel.  However, the party must fight it's way out the apostles' camp.  The party defeats the three remaining apostles and escort the doctor the to chapel. The captain knows him,  and Winter welcomes him, as he is truly a real doctor.