Strange Aeons Session 04

Strange Aeons Session 04

Our party continues to explore the region beside the “Blood Door”.  After clearing the area, better judgment sends the party to the south of the asylum.

While exploring the southeastern corner of the asylum, our party finds two blood blister like creatures.  In the infirmary section, they find a patient strapped to the bed and in the process of having a nightmare.  Suddenly the patient shrieks and dies.  The party notices a little wisp of vapor escape the guys lips when he dies.  Upon leaving the room, the body starts convulsing and becomes a ghoul.

Next our brave party encounters the river of blood in the dayroom.  A three foot trail of blood flows from east to west.  The origin of the blood comes from a lady in a wheelchair.  She is most obliviously dead.

In one of the rooms off of the dayroom, the party encounters a magically dark room and a strange creature made of bone and clothed in kids drawings.  The creature is calling out “Brenton, wake up.  Brenton the lantern went out. ”  The party backtracks and shuts the door.

The party breaks thru a window to gain access to the nurse's station and encounters 3 apostles who proceed to attack Poppy with crowbars repeatedly.  Poppy, Sith-Dinar, and Eric Kell manage to defeat the Apostles in Orpiment.

Poppy receives a vision that informs her that “Your past was the sacrifice.”

At this point in time, the Eric has figured out to destroy the river of blood haunt in the dayroom.  The party decides to return to the chapel for rest and healing.

While resting, the party discusses the days events with Winter.  THe subject of Brenton comes up and Winter informs the group that Brenton is one of the younger survivors.  The party borrows a lantern from Brenton to see if that will have any effect on the creature in the darkened room.