The Shantak and the Moon

Strange Aeons Session 27 – The Shantak and the Moon

denizen of leng 1
Denizen of Leng

The party begins this session by negotiating with a shantak to get passage to the moon.  After dealing with a beast who is afraid of reprisals from it's master, the Shantak agrees to take them to the moon.   The group finds two sets of tracks leading into the lunar prison and only one set leading out.  While trying to enter, Eric spots a suicidal leng ghoul with several scrolls of fireballs.  After dealing with the ghoul, the party dimension door into a guard room inside the barricade.  Our heros appear into a room full of Denizens of Leng.

Sith Danar flies up to the ceiling in order to bomb the bad guys from altitude.  Unfortunately it makes him a prime tage for the Denizens and their wands of searing light.  Sith Danar racks up his first Dreamlands death.  Poppy and Eric finish dealing with the creatures in the room.  After exploring the easily accessable parts of the first level, the heros head upstairs and enter the torture chamber.   The western wall of the room is dominated by a large apparatus with conical brass horns, fluted pipes piercing the ceiling, and oily tubes snaking from the apparatus to each of the torture devices. An odd, low wailing emanates from the machine like a faraway scream.  Orsephellius 1 A dark-skinned human woman with short reddish hair and dark eyes, is tinkering with the machinery.  The party spreads out and Eric announces their presence, and Orsephellius starts to change.  It doesn't take them long to realize that this woman is actually a nightmare dragon.

Orsephellius manages to destroy Poppy and Eric after toying with them for a few rounds by withholding her full round action.  Sith Danar, being a little hesitant to die again, decides to wake up in order to escape the dreamlands and this nightmare.  Every character in this campaign has now died once in the Dreamlands and if they die again they are infected with a greater madness.  Will our brave adventurers locate and stop Count Lowls before they go totally mad?  How will all this madness affect the characters once they return to the material plane?


Current Madness Levels

  • Eidolon-Manes – Delirum
  • Eric Kell – Melancholia
  • Poppy – Fugue State (again!)
  • Sith Dinar – Mania