The Caravanserai Nightgaunt

Strange Aeons Session 26 – The Caravanserai Nightgaunt

nightgaunt 1
Nightgaunts attack the party in the Caravanserai

After learning that the Caravanserai is now occupied by some new occupants, our group cautiously enters into the courtyard.  They hear some yelling an a paladin comes running out of a stable stall and with a nightgaunt behind him in full pursuit.  Eidolon moves into help and enters the fight.  As the rest of the party moves forward, most nightgaunts appear.  After dealing with the threats, the party resumes the search for the Yellow King.

In the dining room, they encounter two yeth hounds and a denizen of leng.  Once again our party is forced to fight.

When the party makes it to the supply office, meet Mister Wanderlust going over the receipts and the cryptic journal once again.  Mister Wanderlust is a colorful individual and does not threaten the party while they are speaking with him.  He's really concerned that the journal means something and is distracted with it.

Next they traverse the stairs to meet with the King in Yellow and learn that he has been kidnapped and taken to the lunar prison.  Exiting the office onto the roof, they find a Shantak and two Denizens of Leng.  Naturally a battle ensured and the party was victorious once again.