Strange Aeons Session 01

Strange Aeons Session 01

The adventure began with Sith-Dinar,  Eric Kel, Poppy, and Salton being pursued down an alleyway by strange creatures in the mist.  Eventually the mist catches up to our brave adventurers.  Poppy is the first to experience the Tatterman as she is ripped to shreds.  Party members begin falling each round.  Next came Sith-Dinar, Salton, and then Eric Kel.

The party then wakes up in a furnace room with the mad doctor Ilesi Scaen, torturing a screaming individual.  Eric Kel draws first blood with an ear-piercing scream.  The poor soul on the table manages to get a leg free, kicking the doctor into the cage bars.  This allowed Salton to grab the keys to the cells.  Our heroes managed to get out of the cells while Ilesi Scaen ran from the room.  They find Lohengrin, another individual afflicted by memory loss in a adjacent cell.

The party locates two methods of escape from the furnace room, chooses the less gory route of climbing thru the furnace ducts.  After exiting the boiler, the party manages to provoke a Zoog and two dire rats, which they defeat.

While exploring the asylum, the party encounters a guarded barricade.  Captain Vaustin York is in charge and makes it clear that he does not trust the PCs.  In order for them to prove that they are not shape shifters, he tells them to bring back a few Doppelgangers and maybe he will believe the PCs story.  He informs the PCs that there are more shape shifters in the laundry area.

The party manages to defeat one doppleganger in a corner office, before encounter a scene unlike anything they have encountered before.  Chained to the wall is a a human, a dead human, and a ghoul.  Poppy steps up and immediately tries to dispatch the ghoul.  After striking it, the ghoul turns it's head and says “What the fuck?” to Poppy.  It was at this point that Poppy realized that everything she knew about ghouls was wrong.

After dealing with the ghoul and turning the human captive over to Capitan Vaustin York, the party encounters Ilesi Scaen and Dr Oathsday.  The party narrowly escapes back into the linen room with the two Doppelgangers hot on their trail.

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