Dinner Invitation From The Devil

Not Curse of Strahd Session 7 – Dinner Invitation From The Devil

In this session of Not Curse of Strahd, the party heads out to Vallaki to protect Ireena. Arriving at the gates, Ismark explains who he is and why they are there. The guards being suspicious of the newcomers, do not let the rest of the group. Ismark suggests that they hang out at the lake, while he arranges Ireena's safety with the town burgomaster.

After spending the day at the lake, Ismark returns at sunset. He's confident that Ireena is mostly safe. While discussing the next steps, a four-horse drawn carriage arrives with a letter. Count Strahd Von Zarovich has invited them to Castle Ravenloft for Dinner.

They accept and enter the carriage. After arriving at the castle, Jeeves show them into the dinning room where they meet Count Strahd and his three brides. During the dinner, Strahd informs them what he wants from them, bring him Ireena so that he may restore her memory and they can be married. Naturally, the party is against this and refuses. Strahd delivers an ultimatum. Deliver Ireena to the castle in five days time, or they and Vallaki will suffer his wraith. The group decides that this is a good time to leave. Aita passes out when Strahd shows them his true monstrous form. Jeeves arranges for the carriage to take them back to the lake.

Strahds Invitation to Dinner
Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast

The next morning, they start the 4 mile trek to the marshlands and Berez. Arriving at the abandoned town, a stranger signals them. The stranger informs them about Baga Lysaga the hack who lives in the town. Rahdan decides to go talk with the hag and helps her slaughter a goat for a blood bath. After leaving the hag, the party finds the Master of the Marsh. The former burgomaster has a simple demand before he helps the party. Show him Ireena in the flesh and he will tell what he knows.

The group is now faced with a several decisions. Do they bring Ireena here? What about the hag? We will find out these answer next session of Not Curse of Strahd.