Care and Feeding of Your Vampire

Not Curse of Strahd Session 6 – Care and Feeding of Your Vampire

The group grabs the burgomaster's coffin and heads to the chapel. FatOnher Donavich is in the run-down chapel praying as the party arrives. The group hears a scream coming from inside the chapel. After investigating, they discover that Donavich's son was one of those who took part in the Mad Mage's ill-fated attack on Castle Ravenloft. He returned as a vampire spawn. Father Donavich trapped him in the chapel's undercroft. Rahdan teaches the father how to care and feed his son. After which, they head for Vallaki.

As it gets dark, they realize that they are being followed. The Vargr want payback for the death of their alpha. They have arranged for a Vukodlak (Book of Beautiful Horrors) to be the implement of their revenge.