When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death…

Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.


Level 6

Class Warlock

Race Tiefling

Deity Cthulu

STR 10

DEX 13

CON 13

INT 12

WIS 10

CHA 17

HP 46

AC 12

Killed by: Valindra Shadowmantle

Melech when leaving the Heart of Ubtao did several things to make Valindra Shadowmantle remember him.  Besides looting her lair, Melech also destroyed her teleportation circle.  Unbeknownst to  Melech, Valindra swore revenge.  It took her 24 days to track down Melech.

Valindra waited until the party was engage with a group of Grungs.  While turning visible, she cast ray of frost at Melech, which missed him.  Determined to not make that mistake again, she followed up with fireball.  The fireball killed half of the Grungs and Orvex the translator.  Melech and Zay were knocked unconscious and dying.  Valindra walked over to Melech and whispered something corny about respecting the lich.  At that point, she pointed her fingered at Melech and he disintegrated into ash.

Campaign Death:D&D 5e - Tomb of Annihilation

“Wintermute was a simple cube of white light, that very simplicity suggesting extreme complexity.”

― William Gibson, Neuromancer