The Death of Diego Dela Vega

Moltek: Thing hasn't arrived. Have you spoken with him?

Hates Birds: He's still not answering calls. He doesn't handle loss very well.

Moltek: Is that him now? I can't see.

Orin: I can. [WinterMute has appeared among the mourners]

Orin: WinterMute, how dare you show your face here!

WinterMute: Orin, I…

Orin: [slaps him] Have you come to gloat? You've tried to get rid of him for years! Are you happy now? Isn't this what you've always wanted? I hate you! I HATE YOU! (he starts beating him with his hooves, then collapses into his arms, sobbing)

WinterMute: Believe it or not, I'm going to miss him too.

Moltek: Though we gather here today bound together in sorrow and loss, we share a precious gift. We are all of us privileged to live a life that has been touched by Diego. The Black Fox possessed many extraordinary gifts, and he shared them with us freely. None of these gifts were more remarkable than his ability to discern what needed to be done, and his unfailing courage in doing it, whatever the personal cost. Let us all strive to accept his gift and pass it along, as an ongoing tribute to Diego of the Underdark, the immigrant from the depths who taught us all how to be heroes.

Moltek: I must admit, I'm also having doubts about the party's future.

Bjorn: Never thought I'd hear that kind of talk from you, Moltek.

Moltek: How many battles did we win, simply because he was there? Yeah. I used to be able to goof around so much because I knew Diego had my back. Now all I've got is his example. And that's gonna have to be enough.

Moltak: <as the coffin goes into the ground> Oh.. hold on. get his wallet.

Written by WinterQuick