How to negate damage, or number, in Fantasy Grounds

Negating a extra damage roll, or  number, in Fantasy Grounds.

Poppy has attacked a giant ape with an earth breaker.  Poppy gets click happy and has applied the damage twice. We need to remove the extra damage from the giant ape.

Method 1 – Hold CTRL while dragging

Hold CTRL while dragging to negate the damage or number.


Drop the number on the correct item in the combat tracker, and the damage will be subtracted.

Method two – Use the radial menu to negate value

Right click on the roll you wish to negate, this will bring up the radial menu.  Click on negate value (+/- button).


You will see that the value has been negated in the chat window.


Drag and drop the value onto the correct item on the combat tracker, and you will see that the damage has been reduced.