Race Against Doom

Race Against Doom is a fast-paced, epic adventure that can be incorporated into an ongoing campaign, or be played as a stand-alone one-shot. It is designed for a party of level 9-12 characters, and optimized for 11th level.

A weapon of the angels - a magical blade called The Sovereign Glaive - is falling to earth, like a comet scorching down from the heavens. A pair of warring kingdoms race to be the first to retrieve the weapon for their own glory - the once nobles, who cling to the shadow of their former greatness, and ambitious usurpers - the Kallosi.

The party is recruited by the Queen of the Astorian Kingdom to recover The Sovereign Glaive. Doing so requires them to race against time, defeat rivals from the Kallosi army, and ultimately square off an evil far greater - as they discover that the kingdoms are not the only ones pursuing the legendary weapon!