Forge of Fury

The Forge of Fury is a dungeon crawl, or site-based adventure, that describes the stronghold of Khundrukar.[1] The great dwarven smith, Durgeddin the Black, founded the secret stronghold within a great cavern system two hundred years ago when he and his clan were driven from their home by a horde of orcs and trolls. The orcs discovered the location of Khundrukar, Durgeddin's home, a century ago when they captured one of Durgeddin's clansmen. The orcs raised a great army that stormed the stronghold and slew the dwarves there, allowing the stronghold's five levels to fall into ruins. Now goblins, orcs and other monsters use the ruins as a base. Legends tell of the extraordinary blades Durgeddin forged in anger, enticing the player characters to come to the ruins of Khundrukar to obtain them.

Player Characters

Kenku – Bard
Honored Veteran

Hill Dwarf – Cleric
Honored Veteran

Samuel of the Seven Hills
Human – Wizard
Honored Veteran

Tarron Highgrove
Wood Elf – Fighter/Rogue
Inactive Member

Wood Elf – Monk
Honored Veteran

Kobold – Barbarian
Honored Veteran

“Wintermute was a simple cube of white light, that very simplicity suggesting extreme complexity.”

― William Gibson, Neuromancer