Fantasy Grounds and Elgato Stream Deck

The Elgato Stream Deck was designed to work with live streaming software like Open Broadcaster Software, Streamlabs OBS, X-Split, and others.  The software has features for assigning hotkeys, opening browser tabs, launching programs, and multimedia support.  Using these features, you can use the Stream Deck with Fantasy Grounds.  You can assign a button to anything that you have defined as a shortcut inside of Fantasy Grounds.

Here’s how I use my Stream Deck with Fantasy Grounds.

Top Level

   Button    Function
1 undefined
2 Folder: Role Playing Games
3 Folder: Adobe Programs
4 Run: Filezilla FTP
5 Folder: Browser Bookmarks
6 Run: Voicemeeter Bannna
7 File Explorer: g:\colossus
8 Browser: Google Drive URL
9 undefined
10 Run: Souretree
11 Run: Screen Capture
12 Stream Deck Profiles
13 Stream Deck Brightness +
14 Stream Deck Brightness –
15 undefined

RPG Folder

   Button    Function
1 Up one level
2 Folder: Gaming Apps
3 Folder: Campaign 
4 undefined
5 File Explorer: Gaming Folder
6-15 Undefined

Gaming Apps

   Button    Function
1 Up one level
2 Run: Fantasy Grounds
3 Run: Open Windows Sound Settings
4 Run: Syrinscape Programs
5 Run: Streamlabs OBS
6 Browser:
7 Run: Syrinscape Creator
8-15 undefined

Campaigns Folder

   Button    Function
1 Up One Level
2 Folder: Carrion Crown 
3 Folder:  Strange Aeons
4 Folder:  Tomb of Annihilation 
5 Folder:  Curse of Strahd 
6 Folder:  The Sunless Citadel
7-15  Undefined

The Sunless Citadel Folder

   Button    Function
1 Up One Level
2 OBS: Start Streaming
3 OBS: End Stream
4 OBS: Scene – Players
5 OBS: Blank Video Output
6 OBS: Scene – Critical Hit
7 OBS: Scene – Fumble
8 OBS: Scene – MVP
9 OBS: Scene – Player Death
10 OBS Scene: 10 Minute BRB Scene
11 FG Hotkey: Save Game
12 FG Hotkey: Readycheck
13 Folder: The Sunless Citadel
14 undefined
15 Currently undefined

Start Stream – Multi Action

   Order    Action
1 OBS: Blank Players Scene
2 OBS: Activate Opening Scene
3 OBS: Delay While Opening Video is Running
4 OBS: Switch to Players Scene
5 OBS: Unblank Players Scene

The Sunless Citadel Links Folder

   Button    Function
1 Up One Level
2 FG Hotkey: Display GM Notes
3 FG Hotkey: Display TSC Story Entries
4 FG Hotkey: Display Note
5 Folder: FG Shortcuts 
6 Folder: Maps
7 Folder: Sounds
8 FG Hotkey: TSC NPC List
9 FG Hotkey: Oakhurst NPC List
10 undefined
11 FG Hotkey: Save Game
12 FG Hotkey: Readycheck
13 Browser: Campaign Rules URL
14 Folder: Extras
15 Undefined

TSC Maps Folder

These keys are defined as FG Hotkeys that open the various maps.  

TSC Sounds Folder

   Button    Function
1 Up One Level
2 Folder: TSC Specific Sounds
3 Folder: General Sounds
4 Folder: Tavern Sounds
5-13 undefined
14 Syrinscape: Stop Sounds
15 Folder: undefined

Funny Quotes Folder

These buttons triggers sound files to be played thru VLC using Stream Deck’s open command.  

Tavern Sounds Folder

   Button    Function
1 Up One Level
2 Folder: Barkeep Talking
3 Folder: Tavern Background Sounds
4 Sryinscape: Tavern Brawl Sound
5-15 undefined

Tavern Barkeep Sounds

These buttons all trigger sounds from various Syrinscape sound sets.