The dragon killed the cleric! Run!

(TT) Lost Mine of Phandelver Session 2 – The dragon killed the cleric! Run!

Day 1 The group makes their way to Phandalin and delivers the goods to the mercantile. Sildar, and Elmar Barthen ask the group to find Gundren Rockseeker. Cragmaw Castle's location is not known by anyone in the town. Sildar suggests that if anyone would know it would be the druid Reidoth over in Thundertree. The party sets off to find the druid.

Day 2 in the early evening, the party arrives at their destination. While searching Thundertree for Reidoth, Ash Zombies are uncovered and attack. After dealing with the zombies, the decide to investigate the tower on the hill. Around the back of the tower they discover the bloated corpses of two giant spiders. Next they discover that the tower is currently the home of a dragon. They were lucky to meet the dragon and survive. The dragon didn't seem to think that they were a threat on this initial meeting. Fleeing the tower, the group clears a garrison bunkhouse in order to safely rest thru the night.

Day 3 Our adventurer continue the search for the druid.  They do encounter a group of cultists that are in Thundertree in order to worship the dragon.  The party convinces the cultist that they are not interested in the dragon and that they won't hinder any of their efforts.  The cultist let the group pass without further incident and the party continues searching.

Eventually they find Reidoth and he tell's them where to find Cragmaw Castle.  He also informs the group that he knows the location of Wave Echo Cave.  He will guide them there only if they get rid of the dragon who is currently residing in Thundertree.  The party agrees and sets off to the tower on the hill to deal with the dragon.

Naturally the dragon had some objections to being ran out of town.  One attack with his poison breath knocks the cleric down.  This puts the rest of the party on edge and after a couple rounds, they manage to deal enough damage to the dragon to make him fly off.