Shagambi and the Terracotta Warriors

Tomb of Annihilation Session 32 – Shagambi and the Terracotta Warriors

The group explores a secret door that Beldrak found.  While solving the puzzle of the first room, Yaka falls inert and takes some lava damage.  The group figures out the secret and after solving another puzzle, find themselves in Shagambi's tomb surrounded by lots of Terracotta warriors.  Paavo informs the group that he's going to start smashing the statues before they can animate.  No sooner has he uttered the words, the warriors come to life and start attacking.

Beldrak went on to earn this sessions MVP award by casting a fireball that destroys the majority of the warriors.  Mopping up the remaining warriors is simple.

At the serpent scones door, Torgus convinces Azoth to use his blood to open the door.  Azoth, surprisingly, does it and the door opens.  They enter Acererak's Throne room.  Torgus notices a secret door that leads to Queen  Napaka's tomb.  Azoth enters the tomb with Torgus, and manages to set off a trap causing both of them massive damage.  Torgus grabs the loot, which includes a cursed Necklace of Fireballs and almost looses his head.