Tomb of Annihilation C2 Session 0 Campaign Rules

Tomb of Annihilation C2 Session 0 Campaign Rules

Game Time:   Saturdays 7pm – 11pm EST
Planned Start: Jan 11, 2019
Campaign Length: Long Term
Software Required: Fantasy Grounds (No license required), Discord
Roleplay/Combat Mix: 50/50
Number of players: 6 Total, 1 Needed

Rules for Character Generation

Books Allowed: Any, but please contact me if you plan to use Unearthed Arcana.
Races Allowed: Any
Character Alignment: No evil alignments
Ability Scores: 27 Point build
Starting Level: 1st
Starting HP: MAX hit points for 1st level, Average hit points each additional level
Gold and Equipment: Starting equipment for your race and class
Leveling Up: This campaign will use the XP-based method for character advancement.

Server Information

Fantasy Grounds: Contact the DM for FG Server address
Discord:  Discord server invite will be sent when you join the game.

Server Availability: The server will be up at least thirty minutes prior to scheduled game time.  Should you need the server up at a different time (ie. to work on your character, effects creation, etc), simply contact the GM to schedule a time.

Game Rules

Game Calendar:  The game calendar is located at

Game Dates: Games will always be listed on this calendar  and email reminders will be sent 2 days prior to the game.  If you are going to be able to attend, please confirm with the link on the reminder email.

Missing A Game:  Things happen and we all know that, but should you have to miss a game, please let the GM know as early as possible.

Minimum Number of Players:  As long as we have three players online for a game, we will play.  Absent players’ characters will not be included in the game play and profit sharing plan for that session.  Should an absent player’s character be vital to the story line, the character will be played by the GM.

Dropping Out Of Game: If you should want to drop out of the game for any reason, let the GM know.  We won’t get upset, yell at you or anything.  Just say “Hey I’m out” and everything is cool.

Be Respectful Of Game Time:  During game play, please remember that every player has made a commitment of their time to play this game.  Be respectful of that and limit your AFKs during game play, especially during combat rounds.  Unexpected interruptions will occur and we understand that.   We are basically asking that you don’t become a player that is constantly AFK with phone calls, or other interruptions.  If the group decides, after a few sessions, that a player is not being respectful of everyone’s time,  you will be booted from the game.

Be Respectful of Other Players:  We are all here to have fun, treat your fellow players with respect.

Adult Language: We use adult language. If your offended by strong language, this is not the game for you.

Rule Discussions:  In order to maximize the amount of actual game play, we are going to handle rule discussions differently.   Any rule discussions will be limited to 2 minutes in length.  You have two minutes to state your position, and at that time I will make a ruling.  If it’s a major rule question, the GM will open up the discussion to the group for an additional 3 minutes.  The GM will then make a quick ruling and game play will continue.  Further discussion on the rule question will be handled on the forum, or during game breaks.  Should the forum discussions result in the changing of the quick ruling, game play will be adjusted where appropriate to compensate the incorrect ruling.  Let’s keep it on the forum and not in the game.

Incorrect Character Bonuses/Effects:  If you start a combat round with incorrect character bonuses or an applied effect is wrong, you cannot adjust them during your turn.  Finish your turn, and then adjust your character sheet.  Keep the game play moving forward.

Discord Chatter:  In-game Discord conversations should be limited to actual game play.  Please save the stories, character adjustments, and etc, for the break period.  Consider using the Fantasy Grounds Whisper Command where you can.  Should two players need to have a more lengthy conversation during game play, a private sub-channel will be available and the players can drop out of the main game channel.  Lets keep the game play moving forward as much as possible.

Fantasy Grounds Whisper Command:  The chat box in Fantasy Grounds allows two players to send private chat communications.

The format for the command is:  /whisper [character] [message]

Example:  To send a message to the character UnnamedDwarf, the command is:

/whisper UnnamedDwarf Lets kick the dragon in the shins!
/w UnnamedDwarf Let’s kick the dragon in the shins!

Sending the gm a private message:  The gm prefers  getting a Fantasy Grounds whisper instead of a Discord private message.  The command to whisper the gm is:

/w gm your message here

Fantasy Ground Effects:  We love effects and ask that you have your character effects setup prior to game play.  Need help setting up your effects?  Just tell us what you need and we will assist you in getting it set up.   Specific character effects will be added to the character sheet.  Effects that are usable by multiple characters can be added to the campaign effects table.  Just ask the GM.

Video Recording of Games

Video Recording of Games:   We upload videos of the gaming session to Youtube, and on occasion we stream to Twitch.  Please be aware that your voice is being recorded.


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